Democracy & Human Rights

Vital to most positive change in society is the ability of and enabling environment for citizens to participate in the decisions and actions that most affect them.

The Democracy and Human Rights (DHR) Program seeks to empower civil society organizations and communities to enable them become active participants in governance and public processes. Through the agency of civil society organizations, the Program aims at equipping communities with the knowledge, tool and resources that will enable them demand transparency in management of public affairs, accountability in exercise of power and authority by leaders and public servants and participation in public affairs.

DHR interventions are informed by a robust analysis of the local context and operating environment, power analysis to better understand public decision making processes and determine where to direct advocacy efforts, while identifying systemic barriers to participation by marginalized and excluded groups. Key programing approaches adopted by the Program are: research and analysis; advocacy and lobbying; and network and alliance building.

Key projects implemented
• Kenya Civil Society Strengthening Program (KCSSP)
• Partnership for Transparency Fund
• Accountable Governance in the Context of Devolved Government