Act! Supports the Launch of Elections Early Warning and Early Response Centre


Act! Supports the Launch of Elections Early Warning and Early Response Centre

Isiolo County: A Joint Call Centre to mitigate threats that may deter an enabling environment for free, fair and peaceful elections has been launched in Isiolo County.

The initiative will help communities living in the County and sorrunding areas identify and report possible threats to peace before, during and after the General Elections.

The launch of the Early Warning and Response Center was organized by Isiolo Peace Link in partnership with Act!, among other Peace actors in the region. The Centre will provide a platform to forecast potential ignitions of electoral violence and conflicts and recommend appropriate response mechanisms of mitigating conflicts that may arise before or during the upcoming elections.

Speaking during the launch of the platform, Mr George Natembeya, the Isiolo County Commissioner, called on the residents to embrace the initiative by sharing information with the various Peace actors in the region in order to help prevent violence during and after the elections.

“As the Administrative wing of this region, we affirm our commitment in ensuring a conducive environment for peaceful and credible polls. We will work with you ( Peace actors) to reduce potential conflicts from happening”, said Natembeya.

Abdia Mohammud, the Peace Link’s County Coordinator and the Chairperson of Act! Conflict Management Committee in the County, said they will use their years of experience and knowledge that they obtained from the various trainings conducted by Act! to facilitate early response to conflicts before they escalate into violence.

Act! Program Officer Isiolo County, Mr Ibrahim Shabo emphasized the need for all electoral actors to safeguard the democratic credentials that Kenya has had since the promulgation of the 2010 Constititution by remaining vigilant of the potential risks that may inhibit national stability and peaceful coexistence of communities.

“These two hotline numbers, 0741504623 and 0741504624 will greatly help the County Security apparatus respond effectively to threats around the elections and also reduce possible conflcts”, said Mohammud.

The Command Platform has also incorporated a women situation room to make it easier to report incidences of violence against women candidates and their supporters during and after the electioneering period.

Such initiatives are part of Act!’s Electoral Conflict and Violence Mitigation Program that is embeded within the County and National Peace Structures to help map out potential threats to violence and mitigation mechanism so as to ensure free, fair and credible elections.